Friday, 21 January 2011

And now for something completely different

Hellos, long time know write. 
I'm still scribbling/blogging away, carrying on the theme of vintage, retro, design/art, new collection finds, and a passion for creativity - i'll be posting about them all and more, over at the blog for Jamboree - a shop based in Whitley Bay, Newcastle upon Tyne, home to my crafty creations, mixed in with vintage, unusual stock for the shop my parents own. I've taken on running the blog, I hope you'll join us :)

Our latest blog has a new theme - Friday finds, I'll be posting each Friday, a discovery that i've add to my collection, based on vintage and kitsch, the good, the bad and the unusual :)

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Here kitty kitty...

I think I can understand the mixed feelings towards the cat moulded lipsticks, one site had a poll with results steaming a head with love of the new from Paul and Joe Autumn/Winter Sparkles Limited edition collection cat lipsticks. Whilst a fair few people were creeped out by the cat faces. All thought i'm verging more to the cute, and realistically i'd probably not use it, keep it in the collection ;) with such cute names as Clair de Lune, Over the Moon and Moon Shadow - Over the moon/ middle shade would be on my list. Inspired by designer Sophie Albou love of cats with more of the range on Paul & Joe's website. The brand never fails to have the prettiest, vintage inspired goodies, that I'd love to adorn my make shift dressing table, hopefully one of these days.
What do you think of the collection? 
What shade would you choose?

My quest continues for the red lipstick, thank you girls for your suggestions <3, i'll be sure to find them tomorrow, if all fails I'm heading to Illamasqua stand, adore their bold unique shades, and the ultimate matte lipstick which I adore and if failing my mission shall weep upon their goodies and comfort myself lol.

In Boots today found a little bargain, I was hoping the nautical but nice! kit might pop up for sale after the promotion, as I missed out, I think the cosmetic goddesses liked me today and granted my wish. 
In the past picked up another Boots make up set which had been a past promotion - always worth keeping an eye out and bag a bargain - this little tin will set you back only £1.50! love the vintage vibe to this little tin - have to <3 bargains, only wish i'd maybe bought two? the eye shadow is usually £3.49 and nail varnish around £2.99. I picked this up in a larger Boots, a full stand of them couldn't believe it.

I've sent myself another mission, for some reason i'd love a emerald green nail varnish, reminiscent of the peacock green, love the lustre tones on their wings. So far the regular high street brands are telling me i'm to a dead end - to soon to reach for the tissues? If you have spotted one on your travels please let me know fashionista's ;) The Barry M nail varnish is near, but i'd love a shade more bold, hint darker, yet still vibrant, confusing I know. 

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Wanted.. alive or applied?

Exhibit A
Lady Gaga lipstick shade in the Telephone video
My quest continues since March!!! oh, dear never imagined it was that long ago - was it really? for my original post  I've had know luck in tracking down that shade. And just recently Drew Barrymore had a similar gorgeous shade for the premiere of Going The Distance in London.

Exhibit B

It reminds me of rich velvet, but mixed with a silky finish.
Will thy ever be mine *sob* 
I found one shade from Barry M, but had a plum amethyst under tone to the lipstick, slight glossy. I love matte finish, or not to glossy. But, it was 100% spot on.
Calling all fashionistas if you know or brand or similar shade and can help that would be amazing
 thank you!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

So long summer

You know that feeling, you see oodles of fab items in magazines and in store, yet you have zero £$. And so, you scrimp, save and possibly borrow, even accept that penny with the piece of fluffy from down the back of the sofa. And, then *sigh* the possibility of gorgeous goodies has *poofed* as though they never existed.

I'm being prepared, not to be disappointed from magazine features, that when you actually get to the store, the item either has sold out, & they ran the feature to late, or it just doesn't look as good as you had hoped.
I had my eye on a bag from Miss Selfridge (Horse crossbody bag Price: £25.00), and though I liked it at the shop after seeing it online - just didn't think it was practical for every day use.
So, venturing into New Look I spotted a red bag, and on getting home discovered a booklet of vouchers for September. I have my eye on these boots, those vouchers are their to tempt me, and it will probably work :)
£19.99 They aren't quiet as vivid as pictured here, but a lovely change from just black. It saddens me a little when the Autumn colours arrive in store. Not everyone likes to be head to toe in darker tones, if anything we need more colour through the darker months. The downside of fashion boots are, like this pair, and a previous pair I had from New Look - the sole wore down to fast, after a few months which I think it ridiculous I know they are just seasonal updates, but you expect a little better and not have to invest in re-heeling or new sole.

More cute bags from New Look

Union Jack Overnight Bag £25.00
I nearly opted for this bag
Pocket Stitch Satchel

Loved the bow bag below which I didn't notice until I bought another bag. Available in cream and nude pink tone, but I love the black with the white pipping detail.
Bow Frame bag £30.00

Next is the bag I ended up buying, preferring a bag that is crossbody, and the mini pockets are always handy, especially for the amount of bits and pieces I seem to collect from goodness knows where - matched with the possibility of collecting new treasures on travels :)
I thought I can always add my own embellishments maybe. The bag is also available in tan, white and dark brown to.
Buckle Pouch Crossbody £10.00

I saw some amazing patient black heel shoe/boots, with gold studs/laces. I can't find them online sadly.

Accessorize/Monson know how to tempt, imagine teal/ dark turquoise ballet flat, with a corsage of the same colour and nestled in the centre of the flower a beautiful jewel. Another site that doesn't feature all their tootsie shoes sadly. I would have adored those shoes, but another pair of flats? their are enough pairs breading here already lol.

This next ring falls under the category of looked gorg in the email, sadly not as divine in the shop.
Spellbound Wizard Statement Ring £14.00
Still a pretty ring, not the top of my list any more.

I haven't ventured into Newcastle for a while, and so need my Accessories fix, I was naughty and treated myself to some earrings after saving some pennies on the bag purchase.
I thought these were so cute - the enamel heart caught my eye first, and just checking out the website I see their is a matching brooch which I missed in store. I love clouds, trying to figure out why I like them so much, a sense of calm maybe, graceful movement.
Did you look for images formed within clouds to? I know as kids we did, and I still do to be honest.
Lightening Strikes Earrings
Also £6.00 I can hear in my head - Come to Momma! ;)
Saving if for another shopping adventure.

What are your top buys of the moment or for Autumn/Winter?

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hello Photo...

I've set myself the mammoth task of culling photos, I love organizing items/photos. If only id edited along the way - anyone else do the same? You never know if that shot with a blurred pigeon, trying to hide that dodgy chin angle, or 5 of the same shot just might be useful one day - NOT! lol. 
My computer is well due a very late spring clean. I keep meaning to buy a USB stick - do you have any recommendations?

Whilst rummaging and rediscovering piccy's one day intended for the blogsphere - finally posting :D
Funky Dr Martin Boots at Durham's Scorpio back in May.

Now that's a name for a shop ;) - Durham. Say it with me DING DONG!

Loved these sweet mice place setters. 

Mint nibbling Horse at the Rising Sun Country Park. We are so lucky to have this park, it's wonderful.

I took this photo, and loved how the snow had collected in hole in the bark.

My favourite lady figurine/ container - reproduction. Bought at Banardo's charity shop.
Home Jeeves! Love the cherry red - parked outside of The Land of Green Ginger - Tynemouth.
Amaryllis - I thought I'd photograph the flowers, also a good task for testing out the features on my camera, I love just playing with the options, rather then digest a whole instructions book, especially since I don't know where the box has gone ;). But, was very surprised, a little freaked out at this image. One flower head and already shrivelled, but to my surprise the form it had created was the serpent like face, peeking over the full Amaryllis flower. Guardian of the flowers perhaps? yikes!

When it comes to place name my memory becomes a sieve - visually if you were to say, the village with the wonky tree, that looks like a monkey. I'd surly remember. 

Same location as the image above. Loved the postage stamp cushions, shame they were oodles of pounds. But I have a confession, I don't really like cushions, find them a bit irritating and cumbersome.

Recent projects
Once again inspired by the Twilight Saga - Eclipse necklace - I'm on the hunt for charms to compliment the white chess piece for Breaking Dawn which is in the pipeline. I still can't believe how they have spread out the two remanding films - will anyone care by 2012?
More jewellery goodies at Jamboree website to. And our twitter page for up to date info. Jamboreetweetie.
I wanted to get back to jewellery that had a vintage vibe, always adore lockets, and miniature items such as the locket books. A smidgen of mystery as to what's inside, a love token, photo or secret message.

The more I travel through these photos, the more I didn't realize just how many their are. Eek!
ttfn <3